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Letters – 1

* a random letter to a friend *

Dear friend,

I am sitting here, at my usual spot, looking at the sunset. The sky is on fire today.

Elsewhere around the neighborhood, I hear kids laughing – some crying. Playing, I suppose. The wind is quite pleasant and strong. So its a good time to chill.

The nearby restaurants have started cooking dinner now. The smell of grilled meat and seafood reaches my floor, thanks to the wind. It calls out to me.. “come, come… buy some food.”

Now, I hear a bell tolling, and an engine revving. The bell, however, does not signal ice cream or emergency. It’s an invitation to buy num something something. A white street-side dish, made with glutinous rice and veggies, grilled in one of those circular thingamajig hotplates.

Now, I hear some people flock to the oyster place. Its a popular spot that sells seafood in the middle of Phnom Penh. They have forgotten that we’re having more deaths on a daily basis. This pandemic is awful. Some people are awful.

I hope your day was a good one, though.


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