The future is not fated, it’s created

The future is not fated, it’s created

Well, here we go again, attempting another run at a new blog. The previous one, and its stories, have gone down after a severe virus attack took down almost all of our websites.

But we are lucky to have recovered one of the websites, which is actually a frequently visited website.

Now, I’d like to cry and fret about the effort I spent on my previous blog, but I think its a little bit too late. Besides, I would like to think that I have matured a little bit since the first one was created. Which brings me to the title, “The future is not fated, it’s created.”

Indeed, we are all masters of our fate, and of our future. So we simply cannot sit down and just let things happen without having a say, and at least try to dictate the course to reach the future.

MORE ON THAT LATER. For now, please welcome me again.


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