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Another Revamp?

I think the problem with my writing is that I often look for images that need to go with a post. Sometimes, its the reverse: I look for words that go with the photo.

I have this space for the longest time, and I have neglected it so I must really start using it… or get rid of it, so we’re going to have another revamp. Besides, it seems that writing has been slowly drifting away from me. I fear that my talent may be taken away from me if I do not write something.

Perhaps I will not necessarily have a revamp of the website, but just keep writing things because I know that nobody visits this blog anyway… save for a few people who come to check.

I’ve decided to also share my world.

Having a lifestyle blog without actually sharing my world seems a little counter productive. For far too long I have just kept quiet, so now I will start doing things again. 😉

While you’re here, you might as well visit my other websites or links on the side panel. Please?

Thank you!

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