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Sitting in Silence

Have you ever just sat in silence and stared at the world?

I do that frequently. Living in the big city can sometimes drive an island a little bit crazy with all the noise. That is why I sit and stare… a few minutes a day.

Today, the Cambodians celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday. If we were at our previous location, we could easily walk to the riverside and watch the fireworks display. If this was pre-COVID time, there would actually be people gathering.

But this is not that time.

My neighbors, however, are feeling celebratory. The Cambodians certainly love to drink. Any reason to drink, they will drink. Reminds me sometimes of Filipinos, too. But Filipinos drink to be merry and chill. Cambodians seem to drink to drown — to forget their woes.

This Filipino can drink on her own. In silence. Pondering and musing about life and existence. This Filipino doesn’t need a crew to drink.

Lets sit in silence, beer or gin. Whatever. Choose your poison.

Happy Friday.

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