Beyond Bestsellers: Curating Your Kindle on Stuff Your Kindle Day December 2023

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December chill hangs heavy in Cambodia and I am all for hiding under the covers with a good book. Did I miss my Goodreads mark this year? Yessiree! But I’ve been on a reading slump, so I am excused.

Sometimes, the books that make it to the bestseller lists don’t really hit the spot the way they used to. Or I am getting a bit older. Nevertheless, I chanced upon something called Stuff Your Kindle Day a few months ago on TikTok and was a bit bummed that I missed it. Luckily, apparently there is another Stuff Your Kindle Day on December 27, 2023, and I am just getting ready.

It’s a day to ditch the “must-read” pressure and rediscover the thrill of serendipity, of foraging for hidden gems amongst the endless aisles of the Kindleverse.

I remember when I was younger, my friends and I would visit this old vintage bookstore where we could discover hidden gems and little known authors. This time, its a digital version of sorts. And if I came home with 10 books for 100 Philippine pesos at one point, I am sure to have more with this online version.

books on wooden shelves inside library
Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on

Here are some tips on how you can prepare if you want to try the Stuff Your Kindle Day feast:

  • Declutter your digital shelves: Cull finished titles, rearrange categories, and make room for new voices to sing. Purge the ghosts of past reads to welcome the whispers of future adventures.
  • Craft a wishlist: Jot down titles that tickle your current fancy, an author you’ve been meaning to explore, or a genre that begs for investigation. This isn’t a shopping list, but a compass for navigating the literary landscape.
  • Tech TLC: Ensure your Kindle’s software is sprightly, its internet connection humming. Download hiccups are literary buzzkills, so nip them in the bud!

Just go for it!

When midnight paints the sky on December 27th, embark on your digital book treasure hunt. Remember, this isn’t a sprint for bestseller gold, but a leisurely amble through hidden alleyways and forgotten corners.

  • Genre Groves: Wander through whispering woods of mysteries, sun-dappled meadows of romance, or starlit expanses of science fiction. Let your mood be your guide, and don’t shy away from venturing off the well-trodden path. You might stumble upon a voice that will change your worldview.
  • Seek the Under the Radar Treasures: While familiar names might gleam like polished gems, don’t overlook the quieter corners. Often, the most transformative stories bloom in the shadows of established names. Keep an eye out for quirky titles, debut authors, and anything that ignites your literary curiosity.
  • Embrace the Unfamiliar: Shed the shackles of your comfort zone. A historical romp might ignite a hidden passion, while a quirky essay collection could offer unexpected wisdom. Remember, the most delightful surprises often lurk beyond the expected.

Sharing the Literary Bounty

Once you have stuffed your Kindle and tried out new stories, its great to share the good finds in your blogs or on social media. Who knows? You might become the next person who discovers a story worth gold that is just hidden among the digital shelves.

Dive into the vast ocean of words, and allow yourself to be carried away by the magic of unexpected stories. I look forward to discovering new things with you.


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