2021 Round Up

2021 Round Up

So, I did call 2021 a year about a month ago… and then I vanished, right? Well, here I am, stopping by to wrap up 2021. What a year it was!

This post started with the intro, all peppy and hopeful, but it quickly changed into something dark and menacing. So, I’ve mentally paused and mindfully pulling myself out of the rabbit hole.

The rabbit hole is something we will discuss at some point, when I have managed to arrange things a bit. Let’s look towards more rainbows and sunshine, shall we?

Here’s some good things that happened in 2021, month by month:

  • January – Left a job for a job that I felt was better for my “situation”.
  • February – Went to the beach and managed to drive for an hour. Car driving achievement unlocked in 2020, but car driving with U-turns and crossing bridges was unlocked this year.
  • March – I baked cookies for the first time. Yep. I finally put that oven to good use.
  • April – Baked brownies… I don’t recall much of anything else.
  • May – This is a blur. I cannot recall much. You see, lock down started in February.
  • June – Sanya’s birthday.
  • July – My birthday, and I learned to use a French Press. I basically leveled up my coffee game.
  • August – What happened here..? Oh, new strides for Little Boxes!
  • September – More improvement for Little Boxes, and gained more clients.
  • October – Went to the beach with a friend, and took a jump to finally start another business.
  • November – Creative BuKo went LIVE! AND I started reading a LOT more than the previous months.
  • December – Christmas is always a good thing.

Okay, so maybe it was not that eventful. I think I need to start journalling so I do not miss any events that would be memorable.

How was your 2021?


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