Let’s Call it a Year

Let’s Call it a Year

Mon, Nov 29. We are at the close of November, and I have decided to call it a year. December will just be a floating period of time, where we take a look at the past and plan for the future.

I learned to “call it a year” from a friend who basically gave up on 2021, albeit a little bit earlier than I. 2021 has been trying, though in some ways better than 2020, but it is also worse in some ways than 2020.

I am not excited about 2022 at this point, I just want to relax in December.

So far, it has been a series of days and months dragging on the floor, fighting the urge to go into the rabbit hole. Fighting to keep one’s head above water should be an Olympic sport that most of us have found ourselves playing, with almost zero experience. I say almost zero, because I seem to find myself in these situations, but still managing to return. I am nowhere close to being an expert at surviving.

Perhaps we need to keep fighting. Always keep fighting.

But perhaps, in some instances, it is also okay to take a break.

And this is me, taking a break.

I shall sit down on a bench and stare at the world. It does not have to be at the beach – because that is impossible right now – but whatever I can, I will.

In the great scheme of things, we have but one body, mind, and soul. Unless you decide to sell your soul and others inhabit it…. that’s different…? But we should be able to stop for a while.

Feel the breeze, close your eyes, and let things be.

How has your year been so far?


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