New Year, New Thoughts

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Here’s an update, it is the new year, and I am not really going to say that its going to be a “New Me.” There is no “New Me.” There is only me, myself, and I. And what we can expect this year is more on self improvement or growing this same old version of myself.

Do you feel the need to reinvent yourself? Do you often feel like you have to change?

What if I told you that you don’t necessarily need to “change” rather just take it day by day and improve the things that you want to improve.

We’re so caught up in this world of expectations that we forget the realities that we are blessed with. For instance, we have expectations brought about by peer pressure, family pressure, parental expectations.. and worse of all, self-expectations. But when do we learn to give ourselves a break? When do we get to pat ourselves in the back and say, its been good. You’re doing great!

I say, let 2022 be the year you start giving yourself a break. Start being kinder to yourself, and stop expecting people to go hard on you — just because you are hard on yourself.

Unfurl the tarpaulins and let the sign say “2022: Kinder YOU; Kinder ME!” Or something like that. Yeah?

Back on the work horse

Today, I sit in an almost empty room, hearing the rumble of an old air conditioning unit. Outside, the walls of the buildings reflect the heat and helps drive brightness into my eyes. I could move, I really could. But I am lazy to do so.

Besides, moving entails that I move my monitor, mega mousepad, and laptop to another place in the room. I simply do not have time or the energy to do that.

I’ve come to the office today to work, and get some stuff down. I would like to try to do more work this time around than just play Rise of Kingdoms. In the olden days (okay, in 2019 to 2021), I used to journal in an attempt to share my world with you. However, I realized that nobody actually reads my blog, so now I feel a sense of freedom to just ramble on and write about anything about everything.

There are a couple of drafts that I still need to review and post, but no rush.

We’re running low on energy today, sick as a dog, and so on. I guess the trip over the holidays has given me some weird bug that somehow becomes more severe as the day wears on. Not only I am affected by this but also the hubby and the little kid.

General anxiety

I cannot help but feel a sense of general anxiety or fear for 2022. So many things have happened over the course of the last 2 years that I cannot help but wonder what this year brings.

However, as what the husband said, 2021 was not all that bad, actually. It could have been worse, but we came out of it strong and in control. So let us hope that it continues to do so for 2022. Challenges are always coming out, but I can only hope to be stronger and more courageous to face the things that are coming my way.

Lets see how this year goes.

Oh, and Happy New Year to you!


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