Fickle Creativity

Fickle Creativity

Creativity is a fickle thing. She’s like the waves of the sea on a sunrise painted with pretty hues of pink and lavender, with touches of blue and cyan here and there. Inviting, inspiring, coercing.

“Come create with me,” she says. “The possibilities are endless. Come and make this idea a reality.”

And so, we go…

Some are hesitant: touching her surface, dipping a toe, a foot, and then perhaps wading in until she reaches the calves. Some run to her with abandon, embracing her waves, going under. Under.

Some feel confident, sure, and happy with her. Then she decides to become cold. Icy cold. Unwelcoming. Waves rage and cause people to run. The water turns dark, unsure, and dangerous. Some still welcome the change, the darkness, and the chaos, while others are caught helpless and have come ashore.

Creativity is a fickle thing.

We cannot control her. We must ride her waves, and listen to her voice. We must practice and learn to either receive blessings and enlightenment or face chaos. We must learn to turn what she gives us into something or learn to sit and wait until she becomes more welcoming.

Truly, the life of a creative is full of promise and beauty, but often at the mercy of Creativity’s fickleness.




She’ll be back. Just create.


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