Curious Cats

In a world where there are so many observers, watchers.. *stalkers*, where would you categorize yourself?

I … am… a ninja!

But in terms of popularity, I classify myself as fairly unknown. Where nobody bothers to Google me, look for me, stalk me, or even try to find every social media that I own. Except, there are some who still keep coming back. Waiting to see if I posted something new.

So here’s a quick post for my faithful guests (maybe 1 or 2 of you), who never fail to visit. 🙂

Life Updates:

  • so many changes have taken place in September – life changing!
  • so many things coming soon – life changing!
  • planning, planning, planning things to come – life changing!

You get it, right?

Life changing things happened and are coming even more.

I hope you stick around so I have some readers.

Daily Blog Updates

I have decided to blog daily — yes, maybe. Because I have not been blogging or writing a lot and my creative juices need to be rekindled. So, this will restart being the dumping grounds of what is in my mind. I need to stretch the creative muscles so that I have more ideas.

Also, so that my brain gets preoccupied by things that are not ideal.

I am talking about YOU.


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