Reading and the Universe

reading and the universe

Someone I recently befriended told me that I flex about reading.

I … I think I don’t.

I talk about reading as if it is as normal as breathing. Every now and then, I am still shocked when people do not read. I still get surprised when I find out that the people I actually like are not readers.

Then I remember that of course, maybe not everybody is into reading as I am.

Now, some people who claim they love reading often peak my curiosity as I am only eager to discuss about books. Same situation applies to that said “new friend” who shared that he reads. To which I said, “yeah? Like what books?”

That was not a flex. That was me asking what books the person liked. He then felt like I was showing off how many books I have read… I was not. I was just happy to know someone else read. I cannot help it if I read that many books.

But then again, perhaps some people do find it intimidating – he said so as well.

Reading the Universe

I simple like to read. Perhaps I do not read as much as I used to, but I do find comfort in books. Books make me happy.

Reading unlocks a whole lot of information in the world that makes sense to me.

I simply find it enjoyable.

To that sentiment, he also said I was flexing.



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