November Rain

We’ve come to the end of November, and with it comes the tail-end of 2023. Around this time of every year, I frequently experience fatigue and a slight zombie state of mind. It feels as though I have run a marathon and I am losing speed and losing care that the finish line is appearing.

Nothing to worry about. It happens every year. This year just feels a little bit heavier.

I suppose I will have more strength in a few days.

November: A Month in Review

Despite the fatigue, November came with surprises and new things learnt. No wonder my back hurts so much. Here are some things to remember this month by:

  • Stretching my coding brain – I relaunched my attempts at Flutter. This time, I made more progress. Perhaps you will soon see my app.
  • Creative BuKo – I’ve taken a step back to reassess where we are with Creative BuKo and thinking of more ways to improve it. I believe I have an idea now, but I just need one thing that I always needed: TIME.
  • Attended conventions – Little Boxes Solutions has attended conventions and participated in n events. One of which was the Cambodia Tech Expo. While majority of the speakers spoke in Khmer, it was still interesting to see how much growth Cambodia has had in the technology scene.
  • Reading progress – I’ve made progress with my reading after a month reading slump. This is one thing I am most ecstatic about because reading is life.
  • Revamped my business card – I have revamped my business card somewhat. Hope to have it printed soon.

One thing I have missed is my writing, which I suppose this is the reason why I am writing a bit. I really hope to write some more, but the previous challenge was with having to switch laptops. Sometimes having multiple laptops can be challenging when some of the things you need are in another laptop, but you brought a separate one.

Let’s talk more about other things when I get back.

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